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Girlfriend has a new friend Girlfriend has a new friend

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In a friendship between women, a lot of things happen when one of the ladies has a new boyfriend. In principle, that is a reason for both, to be happy. However, with such life-changing developments, women still resonate with a whole host of other thoughts: sometimes it feels as if this new man has broken into friendship like a thief causing confusion in a single-family home.

A friendship between women is much more similar to a love relationship in its structure than a male friendship. In principle, everybody knows: partners come and partners go again – a friendship also exists.
The situation becomes problematic when the balance in a friendship is overturned by a new partner. As a “third wheel on the car”, the relationship of the newly in love feels very fast like an uncomfortable roller coaster ride.

The friend of my girlfriend is not my friend

“My darling said … and then we were … oh, in this bus, I drove my sweetheart before …” sentences like this bring the single-girlfriend of a newly-in love woman well and good times on the palm.
This is not about feelings of jealousy or resentment – in a true friendship, there should be no such thing – but it is more about grief. If the new partner causes the best friend to lose touch with reality and the friendship changes greatly, it sometimes feels as if the friend as she was known simply disappeared.
I know about myself as a newly in love person a little bit weird, I even find that charming to some extent. If, however, absolutely everything in the life of the girlfriend only revolves around the new partner, that is simply annoying – especially as a single.

Girlfriend does not have time for me anymore

Sometimes I’m a bit surprised by the speed of my girlfriends: while I’m still busy with dating, they’ve developed a relationship with them. Much worse, however, is when it suddenly seems impossible to go to a cafĂ© with her.

I have great understanding that you want to spend a lot of time with the new flame, really! However, I do not understand it, if the new partner in an excessive extent in the head of the girlfriend makes.
It’s always the same song: as soon as a new friend has moved ashore, the friends are somehow written off. Of course, she wants to spend time with HIM, I understand that, but why do some women so fully engage in a relationship that they do not know any other topic of conversation

I cling to a nonsensical thought, because that’s a normal development that you simply do not notice in yourself, or actually exaggerate some women. The answer seems hard, but I do not feel like engaging in relationships … As you see that you had a best girlfriend catfight out of time

Find a new balance

We’re not the youngest anymore. Of course, I know from experience that a friendship between women is also flexible enough to give Mr. Right a place when he comes riding. First of all, a new partnership has priority. The only important thing is that the girlfriend still gives you a role that goes beyond the third wheel on the car.
It’s a normal effect that a relationship’s relationship changes to some extent – but a new balance needs to be found so that the friendship just changes and does not suffer.
But many women (and probably men as well) are burdened by stories of this kind: My best friend has a new friend Best friend has a new friend – Third wheel on the car – no thanks

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