Broken Heart… Get Over Your Ex Girlfriend

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Nobody ever bargain for a broken heart at the beginning of a relationship, it happens when we least expect it, often tearing us apart. When we thought we were already headed for the alter, when we thought it was coming together and all of a sudden it breaks to pieces.

I bet You probably tried your best, you did everything you thought was right, you apologized when you were wrong, bought gifts, saw lots of movies together and visited places, beautiful places that keeps reminding you of her.
You could have gotten over it by now but the thought of her, all the places you’ve been together, all the money you spent on her.

The time, and energy invested seem to really tear you apart, The thought of building another relationship from the scratch seem to be the most terrifying aspect, but you loved her, you just don’t know why she couldn’t see it.
The chick wouldn’t even accept she was wrong in any way, she probably could be one of those girls that keeps thinking they are on the top, I call them the – Wonder Girls. They make you apologize at all times even when it is their fault. wonder girls don’t always accept the fact that they could be wrong. They carries themselves with such egotism like they were part of the crew that created the world.

Guy, it’s time, to get over your broken heart

First, a wise man once told me.. “there is no need to cry over spilled milk,” if you tried your best and it did not work out, then, It is time to try another. Maybe the thought of approaching another girl and all that “starting afresh” is getting you sick, their is only two ways to heal a broken heart. You could try another girl or learn how you can get her back
After a split, when people are still nursing their wounds, they find it difficult to move on with a new relationship, they have issues with Attracting Girls most times

Often, they develop a kind of hatred for the opposite gender. The “generalized” kind of hatred for the opposite sex.
They tend to shut themselves away from the rest of the world when the situation becomes dire, but at the end of the day, you have only two option, you can either get her back or approach another girl and start talking immediately. So why not stop crying stop nursing your wounds and start immediately, lets find a solution to the problem
Do you want to get her back or at-least try the right way? Get her Back

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