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So you conquer her heart – The best flirting tips
Women are not always easy to read. They like in-depth conversations and appreciate being ensnared, but also like to take the initiative. You usually do not know that until you face her. Our Flirttipps help you to avoid the worst flirt traps!

In any case, be punctual on the first date and let her take the lead on entering a pub.
Never start with your car by starting at full throttle and leaving plenty of rubber on the road. You should only do full braking if it is really necessary. Do not be too intrusive when you first meet.
You do not have to tell her right away that you love her, because she does not believe you anyway.

When you tell about yourself, stay with the truth and never wear too fat. You do not have to tell that you are the best, you have to prove it to her with your behavior.

You are welcome to greet her with a kiss on both sides, but you should refrain from lewd remarks.
Actively participate in the conversation. Let her talk, but never just sit there and gaze at her. Ask questions, show interest. If you are absolutely not interested or you can not have a say in some topics, you should not look bored, but skillfully change the subject.

Make her compliments that sound believable and honest. If, for example, you like her smile very much, you can tell her that directly – with a smile and a look in the eyes.
If you are a smoker, you should at least clarify in advance whether she smokes. If not, it’s better to skip the blue haze for a few hours. If you can not do that, you should not light a cigarette unannounced or just go outside to smoke alone.

The first bill in the restaurant you should take over politely. If she insists on paying her share, you should accept that or tell her to invite you next time.
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