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The right style – how to go to date
For the first impression to be positive, the outfit and styling also have to fit. From the hairstyle to the shoes, it should be maintained and not too intrusive.

Jeans or suit
The choice of outfits depends not least on the location. If you meet in an upscale restaurant or in the opera, then an elegant style is appropriate. If it is more in the direction of the bar or pub, it can be casual.
Classic are here a well-fitting jeans, combined with a casual shirt and jacket.
Well-groomed shoes are an absolute must, because here women like to look. Of course, the right socks should be worn as well. White socks to dark trousers or even sandals are an absolute no go.

Masculine spruce

Nothing is wrong with a well-groomed three-day beard. But this one should look like it really belongs to the personal style. Even beards should not look feral and matted, as if they were just growing up.
The hairstyle should be natural and not overstyled. Too much gel deters quickly. A discreet men’s fragrance is quite appropriate and has a particularly attractive, if it is used well dosed. Well-groomed hands and teeth are basic requirements, because women are also looking very closely.
Totally wrong

Man (n) should not specify the first date, but of course show. Of course, the pressure to succeed there, and you want the lady also visually.

Her heart should be excited for him at first sight. But whoever believes that unbuttoned shirts are sexy, is mistaken. What promises success for a holiday magnate, turns on the classic date quickly to the opposite and looks just ridiculous, out of place and unaesthetic.

The same applies to excessive jewelry. Who wants to come up with thick gold chains or visibly expensive wristwatches, has usually lost quickly. Such outfits are not attractive. Rather, they bear witness to a lack of self-confidence, which must be compensated by prostration.

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