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Watch out! Flirt traps
Flirting is a high art and a lot of fun. But you can also fall on the nose.
Flirt traps on the Internet

Honest intentions are not always behind any affiliate requests. That’s why you never reveal your personal details at the first contact. Even when chatting you can leave enough time to get to know each other. Telephone and mobile numbers, the address and the full name should remain private until one has built a secure feeling and confidence in the others.

On unsolicited received mobile numbers at the first Chatkontakt one reacts better not immediately. Anyone who presents himself on contact exchanges with a photo should not be too revealing. It gives you the impression of being on a short adventure so quickly.

Flirt traps in real life

When flirting you move closer together. It is all the more important that you can smell good. The consumption of garlic or onions before the meeting should therefore be waived.
Likewise, excessive alcohol consumption or unsolicited smoking are real flirt killer. You should arrive punctually at the agreed meeting place and introduce yourself – if you have only known one nickname from the internet – with your first name. Pet names or trivialities that may come to mind for one another are better kept to oneself and never used without being asked.

Anyone who starts with intimate topics of conversation and makes lewd remarks immediately after the welcome signifies clear intentions and is unlikely to be interested in a long-term relationship.
Nobody should be intrusive during the date. Anyone who asks for personal confirmation and is still uncomfortably close to the other person, who constantly tears slippery jokes or interrupts the other, leaves a bad impression.
You should take enough time to get to know each other first. The constant demand for a reunion already at the beginning of the date can be particularly annoying.

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