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The fact that the lady was invited by a gentleman was a matter of course in the old days. There are some countries where this is still the case today. The regulation in the German-speaking area, however, is not so clear at this point.

Actually, it was so easy and there was a clear distribution in the roles. Because of an invoice, it was not a guess, and it was not asked for the division. Whether it’s an afternoon at the cafe or maybe a dinner, the gentlemen want to be inviting and charming. The ladies can even refuse, because otherwise they feel dependent and dominated.
It is a matter of feeling

Everyone should just invite if they want to. It does not matter who pays the bill or if it is the first date or already a subsequent meeting. In principle, everyone feels flattered when he or she is allowed to show appreciation for a wonderful single date, in a charming way.

After all, who does not like to be invited? When it comes to settling the bill, arguments and big words are unnecessary. At this point, the feeling is crucial.
The bill should never be taken over by uncertainty, tradition or sense of duty. It may also be noted when a person feels left out. Any relationship should ultimately be based on well-being, trust and openness.
The prejudices

Automatically, the bill in a cafe or in a restaurant usually the Lord. This does not mean that he necessarily has to take over the bill. No matter who suggested the location for the meeting, no one has to pay the bill just because he initiated the meeting. The bill is also not paid by the financially better off, because there is no gender separation and the idea is antiquated.

Communication is most important when it comes to the evening to the successful conclusion. Blue-eyed and unconditional, the topic should not be addressed, because the outcome could be annoying.
If the opinion is expressed without prejudice, then this can be just as impressive as a corresponding action. If the ladies are invited, they do not have to be embarrassed. In the present time, therefore, there is no connection with other demands. However, if a lady wants to pay for herself, that does not mean that any gentleman is valued. Therefore, the accompaniment is not considered a poor guy.

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