Tips On How To Get My Ex Back

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Posted By Gabby Moody

Do you still love your ex? If yes, then do get him or her back. The common ‘tips on how to get my ex back is given below’.

  1. Do not make the common mistakes in your desperation to win back your ex. Do not appear clumsy and desperate. Do not call frequently and irritate her further, neither send messages. Send infrequent emails and give your Ex little personal space.
  2. Do not manipulate or try to be tricky. Be natural and be totally honest to your ex.
  3. Do some emotional self-evaluation to know the cause of your break-up. Know your mistakes.
  4. Let your ex miss you for sometime to come. Try to be away from your ex till its time to take the next course of action.
  5. Use the famous weapon of being polite and tender to get your love back.
  6. Wait for sometime before you look for ways to make up with your ex.

Grab attention of your ex by not doing the things that you normally do.

Reverse the psychological thought process. The simple rule is not to do what you want to do. Then you will see your ex to slowly get attracted to you.

Hang out with friends, enjoy and have a good time with someone little special. Let your ex get intrigued about you and feel envious. This in turn will make your ex get attracted towards you again.
Make an apology for your mistakes. Be sorry for the current condition and assure not to repeat it again.

Find out your ex’s current needs and interests. Try to fulfill them. Formulate strategies to attend to those needs in the best possible manner.

So, these are the ‘tips on how to get my ex back’. Try these tips and see yourself winning back your ex for sure. Along with these tips use your common courtesy which will help you to heal the relationship faster.

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