Useful Advice On Getting Your Ex Back

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The most important advice on getting your ex back is to let him know that you don’t want him back or that you are doing just fine without him. Men like to go after what is immediately beyond their reach so if he sees you in a pitiful state pining after him he will be inclined to run a million miles in the opposite direction. Show him that you have moved on with your life and he is more likely to remain interested in you.

A good way of showing your ex that you are completely over him is to return to him everything in your possession that belongs to him. Collect all the gifts and mementos, all his stray shirts and baseball gloves and pack them neatly in a box. You might want to include a note with the items. It should say nothing more than to tell him you were having a clear out and found these things that he might want. Do not sign off with any ‘love from’ or ‘missing you’; a curt ‘best wishes’ or ‘regards’ is enough.

You have to be very patient if you want to get your ex back.

This means that you shouldn’t find excuses to call him or email him or send him SMS messages. You shouldn’t even fraternize with him on a social networking site. Delete him immediately if he is one of your ‘friends’ on Facebook or Myspace etc. It will soon be clear to him that you are not interested in what he is doing and would prefer it if he didn’t know anything about you either.

Some good advice on getting your ex back is to let him see you having a good time and clearly in control of yourself. Invest in some new clothes and a new haircut. Go out with your friends and rather than avoid the places you know he might be, be sure to be seen there, having fun. Say ‘hi’ to him in a friendly way if he passes but don’t hang around near him.

Your ex will be even more interested in you when he sees that you are not afraid to be in the same space with him.

However do not approach him. A friendly wave from across the room is enough. You should then set about having a good time but ignoring him completely. It won’t be long before you get a tap on your shoulder. It’s him wanting to know if you want the next dance.

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